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Regan Roberts 2016 - Navy Blues

This is the downloadable version of the season highlights. The video is setup in chronological order so it goes through the season one game at a time showing all the good plays made by the Navy Blue team.

This file should play on PS3 and PS4 systems and I assume XBox. However, I don't own an XBox so I couldn't test it. However, it should play on any computer.

Steps To Follow:

1. Download to your computer.
2. Copy downloaded file to a thumb drive (at least 2GB.)
3. Put thumb drive in PS3 or PS4 or XBOX.
4. Navigate to the Video Area.
5. Navigate to the file on the thumb drive. On PS3 this is sometimes tricky and requires you to hit the triangle button or the x-button sometimes.
6. Play video.

It's an HD format mp4 file.

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